Monday, August 11, 2014

... great things are happening

11 August 2014

Well... One, we got to go back to Juan de Salazar last Monday and that was really great! I love seeing them! They are so great!
Some miracles this week was that the attendance in church was 90!!! We were SO happy! Now we just pray we can keep it! I was so happy to see a lot of menos activos there that haven't come in a very long time. One was a YSA who has been going through some really hard things and he started reading the Book of Mormon again this week and just decided to go to church. We meet with him after and he is doing really good and realizing what is the most important thing that he needs to do. It was a miracle.
On Saturday we did a fast for our investigator and menos activo couple who need to get married before he can get baptized. She didn't really want to get married. Like 4 hours after we started our fast we went to their house and asked her about it. She smiled and said I've been thinking about that... and I'm going to have to talk to him! For us it was a VERY big deal and HUGE jump! So we continue praying they will be ready by the 23rd. We know they will be!
I love you all! I love this work. I think I said at least 10 times this week that we don't do anything! Really the Lord and His Spirit do everything... we just walk around and count the numbers. He is perfect! This is His work! and He is doing it... through our Very imperfect hands... and He is making me into His servant. A servant better than last year.... than yesterday! It is an AMAZING process! It is a miracle!
Love, Hna Lutz

Carmen :)
Our beautiful fake sky!

Hello my family!‏

4 August 2014

I don't know if I say this enough.. but I Love you guys! I was SO excited to see pictures of Karrie and Julie! OH! AHHH!
I'm really great! I got to meet Hna. Wiscombe... She is from North Carolina and she is AMAZING! I love her so much! And I know we will have some great times together. Last night we saw Mameri and Elda and Mameri was saying that we are more valiente and strong then him even though we are just girls... but that we are doing something that he couldn't do... They thank us often for the change we have brought into their lives. And I thank the Lord more often that He allowed us to be a part of it!
We saw them grow this week. She introduced us to a friend and we were to meet her with Elda. She was testifying about how much the Lord and the gospel has helped her in her live and family! It was such a powerful lesson thanks to her testimony... And we also got to see him bless the sacrament ... It was perfect! He did it perfectly! I'm So grateful the Lord sent us to them at this time!
We saw a ton of miracles this week. Someone swamped by debt completely changed the whole spirit in her house because she decided to be positive and rely on the Lord. A marriage saved because they remember the "why" it was worth fighting for and not just throwing in the towel... (dad) and many blessings that help me see His hand pushing me forward telling me I can do hard things!
I Love the Lord! I love Paraguay! I love Molino! I'm really excited because right now we are going to go to Juan de Salazar to see the Flor family and Carmen!!!! :)
Love you All SO much!

the Lord is VERY merciful!‏

28 July 2014

Well it's change week... drum roll...I am staying in Molino like I thought... and I'm going to train again! I'm actually really excited! The Lord is very perfect with His missionaries and all of us and who He puts us with, so I'm not worried... :) My companion is the new sister trainer leader, which means she is the leader of all the sisters and she has to do a lot of division with all of us... she is scared out of her mind.. I'm excited for her! She will be GREAT!
Mameri and Elda are doing GREAT!!! He received the priesthood yesterday! They are both really happy! And we are really happy! :D like that! We also are finding a lot of really great people! One is a 19 year old single mom who's family is members but she doesn't live with them. She is great! ALSO Carmen from Juan de Salazar got married and baptized this weekend! I don't know if you remember her but she is GREAT and I'm SO happy for her! I can't wait to go next week to see her!
So basically we are all great here! Excited for our new adventures! The mission is GREAT! I meet people here everyday that go through so many problems. I have gone through a lot. But no matter what it is... God loves us! He just wants us to learn and grow and become like Him and Jesus Christ. And so... even though He loves us dearly and it breaks His heart to see us suffer and cry... He lets it happen... so that we can learn. So we can be better. So we can experience and learn to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to EVERY situation so we can be forgiven, clean, healed, protected, and so one day... we can return to Him, and He can open His arms wide and He can say "well done my child. Welcome to my rest! I love you!" Read Hebrews 4:14-16... I love it! I testify that They live! They are close by us and VERY ready to help us! I love Them! And for that I'm here!
I love you all!

The family that got baptized and 3 of her sisters and the family of her sister... they are members.
Their sons... Danilo and Nando

us two... oh how long has it been since I've looked like that...
in White!

After the VERY long night.
Bowling for p-day... don't mind if I do...


21 July 2014

Well, i have less then no time but I want you all to know that Mameri and Elda did get married and baptized! We are very happy! I will send you pictures next week! Love you All!

We have been tooting the horn of rightousness and ringing the gong of unity all week!‏

14 July 2014

They say that you can't open the pictures... sorry... I'm working with little time and bad internet... so we will try again... what will be important will be the pictures I will send next week cause......
I just have to say that Heavenly Father Loves His missionaries! It is amazing. It has been a very long time since I saw someone I worked with enter the waters of baptism and the wedding has been a dream my whole mission and I'm .. WE ARe VERY happy!!! We are SO happy!
They are amazing! They are Mameri and Elda and they are the Chamacoco family and they are AMAZING! they have 2 sons, Nando and Danilo who are adorable! and they are SO happy and ready and I'm so happy! We had a lesson with them last night and we watched the Mormon message "Better things will come" by Elder Holland which is one of my favorites... :) They both cried and testified of all the blessings that they have seen in their lives and they told us stories and they are amazing! Elda with tears in her eyes said that she was happy with all the missionaries who have passed through their house but that she was VERY happy because with us she was going to get baptized and married! And we too are VERY happy!!! :) I don't know if you can tell... We are seeing a TON of miracles with the members offering money and food and help so that it can be perfect! I'm so grateful the Lord trusts us with His work and I pray every day I can live up to His expectations! Love you all! Have a great week!!!

The baby's name is Allison Victoria. :)

Photographic evidence!!!!! It was a good baptism. Even though it started almost an hour late because the Ratoncitos had the keys and Hermana Terrazas exploded the kitchen with what was going to be the postre (some kind of purple gooey something from peru haha). He was so happy. :) And he's in it 100%

Sunday, July 13, 2014

... well that is awesome!‏

7 July 2014

Well let's see... This picture attached is a picture of Andrea and her daughter Monse and her new baby, Allison Victoria... :) (We couldn't actually see the picture.)
So mom and dad... You did such a good job naming your duaghter... they stole it! ;) Really I still can't believe she named her daughter that. Now I have to go back to visit so that I can meet her! 
Anyway... I want to inform you all that you need to be fully ready to accept me no matter how much weight I've gained... But to defend myself, I just have to tell you what we ate yesterday... we accidentally had 2 lunches... so we ate beans and rice, and then beef and more rice and mandyoka which is like potato... and then a very big portion of noodles in a weird sauce and bread. And then for dinner we ate mashed potatoes and gravy and more beef with a different weird sauce and a fruit pizza type thing... in case you are wondering my never throwing up in Paraguay strike was broken... and no this is not normal food. These people cook very well... and they cook A LOT!
This week was exciting because a teen (he is 19 or 20ish but the Spanish word for him doesn't work in English... #2ndlanguageproblems) That I found in Juan de Salazar and worked with him and taught him some of the lessons got baptized! I was a little sad that I wasn't there but I am so happy that he finally made the decision to follow Jesus and make covenants with Heavenly Father! I pray he can stay focused on the important things of life and stay active! 
We had an exciting week here too with lots of menos activos (it was a MIRACLE that they came) and investigators who came to church and new ones that we are finding. I love it when we are teaching someone and they didn't understand anything and then the light comes on and they understand everything! It is an amazing work we are a part of and I LOVE watching the Lord work miracles through me! I love the Lord and I love the miracle He is working in the lives of so many, especially me!
I hope you guys know I love you all! And I hope you can take the time to look for and give thanks for the miracles and blessings that the Lord is working in your lives! Bendiciones!
Hna Lutz!

Happy as always!‏

30 June 2014

Well I wanna say that I'm sorry if I don't personally email you guys... This cyber is not that great... but I'll do what I can. 
I just want you guys to know that I'm so excited that almost all of you guys will be together this week! I hope I am missed, ;) but I agree with mom and dad that I am where I am supposed to be. I sometimes miss you guys... and then I think of how little time I have left and I just throw myself back into the work and I forget about everything!
These pictures are from a hike that we did last p-day... It is called cerro KoƬ... It was really like an ant hill but because Paraguay is so flat you have a pretty good view from the top! :) Also this is Hna Hunt. My new comp! She is awesome! We spend most of the nights walking home in the empty streets laughing really hard because I'm funny and she is funny and well Paraguay is funny! ;)
We have really solid investigators here! One couple is Elda and Mamedi. They are Chamacoco. I don't even think you guys would belive it if you heard them talk. It is so different from Guarani... I can't wait until you guys hear the videos that I will take of the both languages... because they are amazing! I love it! They are really awesome though. They have to get married so before I got here they gave them the promise to pray to set a date for their wedding and baptism... We asked them if they prayed and she said that she did... and that they were thinking about the NEXT WEEKEND! It was crazy! So we told them... well to prep us all... how about the 19th of July... and they accepted!!!! They are SO great! 
Also we went over to their house the other night and I saw something really weird hanging from their ceiling but I just thought it was cloths... When we got inside... I realized it was meat... like they were making beef jerky... just there in their house... which is their living room and kitchen and sleeping room... They only have a one room house... but it is a pretty good sized one room house... anyway we were a little blown away... but they are still amazing!
Also we have an investigator that is the "husband" to a menos activa... i say "husband" because they too have to get married... They don't even know if they want to get married... but this last Saturday we were doing home evening with them (we painted prayer rocks... It was adorable! Their 2 girls did it and then Richard and Dominga. Richard took his time and made like a sunflower and it said orar and it was so cute the whole night! I love seeing them do things as a family!) and 2 lessons ago they asked us what he had to do to get baptized.... :O We were shocked... We said well you have to get married... They are adorable... we are working with them... The whole family is progressing so well!
I love the ward here! It is a ward ward but it is struggling with attendance... We only had 70 at church on Sunday. It is true that it was a cold day but still.... we are working on it! We did 7 menos activos and 3 investigators there though! :)
The members here are amazing! It is the first area that I am in that EVERYONE feeds us! Thursday we had 8 lessons and 5 of them gave us food... you don't have to worry about me starving but me coming home really fat is a possibility... you only Paraguay once... ;) I really love the members here! They are amazing! There are a lot of family problems and I don't know if there is a single family that all of them in the family are fully active but we are working on it! ;)
I think the theme for the week is we are working on it! :) I hope you all enjoy your week and vacation time and family and sun! Yesterday was the first time in like 3 days we saw the sun! 
Have a GREAT week! SMILE!!