Wednesday, October 22, 2014

.... all great things come to an...‏

20 October 2014

Well everyone... this is it... :/ I am seriously so happy to see you all it hurts... but at the same time it hurts to think of all I'm leaving... I'm currently crying (mostly because most of the time I can't cry... I think I'm numb and I want to so when it comes I just let it come... no importa where I'm at... even in the cyber... The Mormon boy that works here is like "what in the world is wrong"... How do I even explain how I feel to a kid who doesn't even have his call yet....), but I am really excited. 
Miracles I've seen this week: seeing people who have seriously become my family bearing their testimonies with me and shedding a lot of tears; watching people who didn't care before care again; seeing recent converts who have family members who make all the peace that should be in their home go away with a few decisions or words... but them regaining the peace by coming to church!
I also saw a MA who was really depressed and frustrated and discouraged with life and trials completely change because of a simple answer to her prayers. Those kinds of prayers and tender mercies that only come from a loving Heavenly Father who knows and loves us individually!
Love you all! We will talk/see each other very soon! and until then... 


6 October 2014

WOW, was conference amazing! I loved it! I learned tons, and I can't wait to go back through and study it all! I hope you all learned lots too... I loved lots but the ones that stand out are Elder Scott and Elder Jörg Keldingat about tools of peace and what we have to do better. I loved them! Question for all... when is the time change there? Me and Hna Wiscombe have been trying to figure it out for the last week but we have no idea... Sunday was the one here... It is amazing what one hour of sleep does... ugh... It makes you dead tired... or at least for me...
I pray this finds you well... and that you enjoy the pictures... and that you are all putting your "conference goals" into actions!
Love you all!!

Fotos... from Juan de Salazar... 2. Allison Victoria and yes that is how I feel! 3... conference...


29 September 2014

Well family... there is not much here.. There were 4 canceled baptisms and a zone conference that was really great! ... Sorry, that is all for this week! I'm going to go see members and people from Juan de Salazar... so I will maybe send pictures next week... The p-days are coming to an end.... BUT THIS WEEKEND is General Conference!!!!!! :D We are SO excited! I hope ya'll are too!!
I just found out that a word I have been saying my whole mission (purete) basically means sick... let me tell you why that is funny... you will hear missionaries say "I got to go to the temple with my recent converts and it was the most beautiful thing ever... it was sick!" or "last night we found this way sick family that was SO ready to hear the message"... needless to say we are trying to get out of the habit of saying it so much! ;)
I love you TONS! Enjoy the cold as it comes... the HOT is here... UGH! I don't like humidity or the 105º weather.... :/
But it will all be fine! This place is everything to me... with the exception of you guys... Love you! ROHAYHUITE-ITE!

... Loving life...‏

22 September 2014

Well for me, life is great. I know I should have more to say but I don't feel like there is much. I will tell you some stories...
One -- Last night we had homemade fajitas... so good! They were spicy and everything! There is a recent convert who learned to cook in Italy and Peru, and he cooks GOOD! And then the member who also learned to cook like an American . . . They together made them. We were in HEAVEN!
Two -- I don't know if I told you this but Miriam and Freddi a convert from Mariano (who are trying to go to the temple as a family before we (me and Hna Vilcahuaman) go home!) had a baby.,.. Her name is Luz (which is what they call me...) Eliana (which is the 1st name of Hna Vilca...). I love them! I pray we can go with them to make the covenants as a family in the temple!
3 -- Last Sunday, we were at a member's house eating lunch and her husband is not a member and doesn't agree with her attempt to keep the commandments especially the day of rest. So, her kids asked if they could go to their cousins house to swim and she said NO because it was Sunday and her husband said yes... With all the kids and her husband against her she fought until the end to make sure her kids couldn't go to swim on Sunday so that they could keep the Sabbath day holy. I saw her alone fighting her fight and wanted to say like Elder Holland said, "Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come."
Remember to pick the good fights to fight and then fight them! That is one of the things I learned from this Hna. She is ready to give up everything for what she knows is right and true. As we should be too.
I love you all SO much! I hope this week is great for all of you and that the Lord blesses you so much!
Miss and LOVE you all!

... happy day...‏

15 September 2014

Well, because like no one wrote me this week, I have plenty of time to write you guys... :/ But really, it's ok... at least I got one picture of London... Welcome to the family princess! And I am glad you were born on the 12th so we could all remember your birthday.

Sorry... I went to go look at the pictures and I hit send. So ya'll get 2 today.

Make that 3... I really am NOT trying to be obnoxious for reals... Well I sent 3 pictures... That's good right... The car is because I really liked the trees together and I thought it looked artsy... could be wrong but I like it... The other one is the inside of a colectivo... or bus. Yep, our mode of transportation... So maybe that BMW or RWB would be a step up dad... ;)
Well, this week... was really good. The same as most other weeks. We had to drop some investigators that we have been working with for a very long time. But others are progressing a lot. We will have a baptism this Saturday if everything goes well... I pray it will. Her name is Eli. She is a young mom. I think I sent you a picture of her on my birthday, but she is great. She has a lot of people against her in what she is doing but she is strong!
This week we had a very humbling experience. Most of the time we deal with people who have blind faith in Jesus Christ because they don't know much, but this week we meet a man who is an evangelical and tried to convince us that we were wrong. I tried to use doctrine to help him understand but then realized that he knows the Bible inside and out and I don't and also that he was there to fight and we weren't. So, we just had to sit there humbly and take it. All. Whatever he was saying. And he was saying a lot of things that were harsh... But later when we watched the movie "To This End Was I Born" for ward night, I felt like Jesus probably felt the same way. He just had to take it. All. And He humbly and meekly took it all. The King and Creator of this world. The Prophet of prophets and Lord of lords took it all. He perfectly forgave them for what they did and said and submitted to the will of His Father. While I am not perfect and we didn't take nearly as much as Him, I feel more worthy of Him now that I know that I stood up for His name. We never backed down. And I know we can't because our salvation is on the line. So no matter what it means... no matter what they do to me or say to us, we will stand as His representatives at all times and in all things and in all places. We know "...that [we] should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ." (Alma 31:38)
I love you all so much! Have a great week!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

and life continues..

8 September 2014

Well here I am... forgetting everyone's birthdays because the only thing dates mean to me are baptism dates... So, sorry mom it was late but I did think of you yesterday.
We are working here. It never seems enough because there is SO much to do! But we are trying to do what we can. It is really hard training last. I don't know why but it is hard. But I love my companion a TON, and I'm grateful for her helping me stay focused. 
We were both excited this week because we both thought we would have a new niece/nephew... her sister was due yesterday but I guess we will both just have to wait another week because there is no baby yet on either side... We will keep waiting... I'm getting good at that...
We had the privilege of having an Area 70 in our ward yesterday. Elder Kasnaskelsy... I have no idea how to spell it but the newest area 70 (I think). That was really special because we had a very spiritual testimony meeting. I love this ward even if it makes me worry a ton. The members are amazing and the investigators we have now are also amazing... and progressing... maybe not at the speed we want them to but with the help of the Lord they are doing what they need to to progress. That makes us SO happy. It is amazing! With every little step (more like 1/8th step) we are overjoyed! It helps me understand how happy Heavenly Father is with us when we take steps (as little as they might be) forward! So we keep fighting.


1 September 2014

I feel like if we look past over the last year or so probably most of the subjects have been "well..." That is how creative I am... what can I say... life is like that now...
I love life... This week was great! We had a zone conference and President interviews... my last one before my last one... :/ But it was really great; we learned a lot. I love learning from our leaders.
We also had a really cool experience with a kiosk... at least that is what we call it... that has the questions on them like "what is my purpose in this life?" and those ... It was our turn to have it so we took it to a grocery store to set it up and started talking to anyone who would talk and more who didn't... There are pictures somewhere on Facebook of us doing it... Linda Bogardin is her name, the hna who put them up... So if you can find her... that's me... the random red head...
Well that is the coolest thing. We are doing good here -- getting fat and tan... living the life in Molino. ;) Not the fat... 
The picture is of 2 boys I knew when I was in Mariano a year ago... They have grown up a ton... It was crazy to see them... :)
Loving the Lord and trusting His time and working hard to be worth all of it!
And missing all of you a lot... but in the best way possible... LOVE YOU!