Wednesday, October 22, 2014


29 September 2014

Well family... there is not much here.. There were 4 canceled baptisms and a zone conference that was really great! ... Sorry, that is all for this week! I'm going to go see members and people from Juan de Salazar... so I will maybe send pictures next week... The p-days are coming to an end.... BUT THIS WEEKEND is General Conference!!!!!! :D We are SO excited! I hope ya'll are too!!
I just found out that a word I have been saying my whole mission (purete) basically means sick... let me tell you why that is funny... you will hear missionaries say "I got to go to the temple with my recent converts and it was the most beautiful thing ever... it was sick!" or "last night we found this way sick family that was SO ready to hear the message"... needless to say we are trying to get out of the habit of saying it so much! ;)
I love you TONS! Enjoy the cold as it comes... the HOT is here... UGH! I don't like humidity or the 105ยบ weather.... :/
But it will all be fine! This place is everything to me... with the exception of you guys... Love you! ROHAYHUITE-ITE!

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