Wednesday, October 22, 2014


6 October 2014

WOW, was conference amazing! I loved it! I learned tons, and I can't wait to go back through and study it all! I hope you all learned lots too... I loved lots but the ones that stand out are Elder Scott and Elder Jörg Keldingat about tools of peace and what we have to do better. I loved them! Question for all... when is the time change there? Me and Hna Wiscombe have been trying to figure it out for the last week but we have no idea... Sunday was the one here... It is amazing what one hour of sleep does... ugh... It makes you dead tired... or at least for me...
I pray this finds you well... and that you enjoy the pictures... and that you are all putting your "conference goals" into actions!
Love you all!!

Fotos... from Juan de Salazar... 2. Allison Victoria and yes that is how I feel! 3... conference...

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