Wednesday, October 22, 2014

.... all great things come to an...‏

20 October 2014

Well everyone... this is it... :/ I am seriously so happy to see you all it hurts... but at the same time it hurts to think of all I'm leaving... I'm currently crying (mostly because most of the time I can't cry... I think I'm numb and I want to so when it comes I just let it come... no importa where I'm at... even in the cyber... The Mormon boy that works here is like "what in the world is wrong"... How do I even explain how I feel to a kid who doesn't even have his call yet....), but I am really excited. 
Miracles I've seen this week: seeing people who have seriously become my family bearing their testimonies with me and shedding a lot of tears; watching people who didn't care before care again; seeing recent converts who have family members who make all the peace that should be in their home go away with a few decisions or words... but them regaining the peace by coming to church!
I also saw a MA who was really depressed and frustrated and discouraged with life and trials completely change because of a simple answer to her prayers. Those kinds of prayers and tender mercies that only come from a loving Heavenly Father who knows and loves us individually!
Love you all! We will talk/see each other very soon! and until then... 

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