Monday, October 20, 2014

and life continues..

8 September 2014

Well here I am... forgetting everyone's birthdays because the only thing dates mean to me are baptism dates... So, sorry mom it was late but I did think of you yesterday.
We are working here. It never seems enough because there is SO much to do! But we are trying to do what we can. It is really hard training last. I don't know why but it is hard. But I love my companion a TON, and I'm grateful for her helping me stay focused. 
We were both excited this week because we both thought we would have a new niece/nephew... her sister was due yesterday but I guess we will both just have to wait another week because there is no baby yet on either side... We will keep waiting... I'm getting good at that...
We had the privilege of having an Area 70 in our ward yesterday. Elder Kasnaskelsy... I have no idea how to spell it but the newest area 70 (I think). That was really special because we had a very spiritual testimony meeting. I love this ward even if it makes me worry a ton. The members are amazing and the investigators we have now are also amazing... and progressing... maybe not at the speed we want them to but with the help of the Lord they are doing what they need to to progress. That makes us SO happy. It is amazing! With every little step (more like 1/8th step) we are overjoyed! It helps me understand how happy Heavenly Father is with us when we take steps (as little as they might be) forward! So we keep fighting.

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