Thursday, January 10, 2013

A list about me.

Ok so I saw this on some random person;s blog and I liked it. Here I go, stealing someone else's ideas! :) Theirs are just so much better then mine.

So I wanted to do a list of random things about me. Most people do 20 but putting a number to it just feels so restricting. Like what if I want to do more or what if when I get started I realize I'm a loser and only want to do like 5. I do what I want. So we'll see where this goes.

1: I write this blog with my little sister, Holly in mind.
2: I cry all the time but most of my best friends have never seen me cry. I really love crying at movies and books. They make my life seem not so dramatic.
3: I love cheesy romance books and movies. so what!
4: My favorite foods have always been (and will always be) cereal and ice cream. No joke. I love a lot of foods but those are hands down the best.
5: I love painting my nails and do it at least once a week.
6: I work for a bankruptcy attorney but HATE law!
7: If I had all the time in the world I would become an Oncology doctor.
8: I love stories with cancer in it. Not cause I love cancer but I love how it brings people together and brings life into perspective.
9: I function most affective on 9-10 hours of sleep. If I had my way I would kill all the alarm clocks in the world and sleep 12-14 hours a night.
10: I'm the least creative person in this world but I love writing pretty!
11: I would love to be a high school math teacher.
12: I love kids!
13: I'm like a cockroach when it comes to adapting.
14: Speaking of cockroaches, there are only a few animals that creep me out. Cockroaches, rats, snakes.
15: My worst nightmare is a Gigantic snake coming after me and my family. His head is as big the backboard of a basketball hoop (it was the only thing I could think of that size.) Its terrifying.
16: I love reading people's blogs, wether I know them or not.
17: I am the worst speller you'll ever meet and have the vocabulary of a 5th grader.
18: I talk to myself. All the time.
19: I could watch the same 6 movies over and over and be content with that. (Remember the Titans, Charly, Emma, Pride & Prejudice, & The Proposal, and North & South)
20: I think the human body is fascinating.
21: If cereal and ice cream weren't so amazing, saltine crackers might just be my favorite food. They are so good.
22: I am the spazziest and jumpiest person ever. I get scared by anything.
23: I love watches.
24: I believe 1/2 birthdays should be celebrated!

Wow! I'm sorry if that was the boringest thing you have ever read. Lets just say there probably won't be a next time. Unless I all the sudden get more interesting. That probably won't happen.


  1. I thought I had already commented on your post. But I don't see it. So I'll post again.
    First - Why is cereal so good?!? Really, in the morning, I get excited when it's cereal time. Maybe there's something wrong with us...
    Second - you are creative. Don't lie.
    Third - HOW COULD YOU NOT ADD North and South to your list of movies?!?!?!?
    Fourth - Whoever doesn't celebrate half birthdays is really missing out!

    1. Wow we must be sisters! 1: Cereal is of course fabulous! The cold sweet milk with the crunch of the cereal. People just downplay it. 2: I'm good at copying other people's ideas. 3: Thank you for the corrections. I have made the necessary changes. 4: I agree! and ours are coming up! :)