Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Monday Everyone!

So today is beautifully cold and snowy which puts me in a good mood. On top of that, instead of driving my 12 passenger van to work I got to drive my dad's nice, small car! That is a huge deal!

Last night me and my sisters were all sitting around in the family room talking and Holly started saying how she sometimes has to walk backwards from turning off the light in her room to her bed cause she doesn't want someone to sneak up behind her. We are very paranoid people. Here is a list of the other things all 6 of us girls have been afraid of at one point or another and our solutions. Warning: they are all ridiculous when using logic but when you're alone in the dark... anything is possible.

- That there is a secret compartment on the wall that someone is hiding in. Solution: Putting pillows between you and the wall.
-The run from the light switch to the bed. If you stand to long before getting in bed our solutions is to jump. There is no other way.
- The dang skylight in our bathroom. Everyone of us have been afraid of someone getting up there. The most terrifying thing of all is that IT HAPPENED! Worst nightmare come true when we had our roof redone last year. NO SOLUTION!
- That someone under the bed will sneak their hand up between the wall and the bed and steal your blanket so that when you reach your hand down to get it, they will grab you. Solution: Use a comforter.
- That when you are washing your face someone will be out side the bathroom door just waiting for you to come out. Solution: Put your foot in front of the door. Problem #2: The person waiting for you might stick their hand under the door and touch your foot (I still don't understand how that would affect you that much) Solution #2: Stay in the bathroom all night.
- That someone will appear behind you in the time it takes to open the medicine cabinet (with mirror) get out the toothpaste and shut it again. Solution: Brush your teeth while sitting on the step with your back to the shower.
- That while making the trip from the basement to the upstairs bedrooms someone will shoot at you through the front door window. Solution: Same solution whenever shooting is involved, stay low and serpentine. Moving targets are harder to hit.

I warned you. By day we are all very rational, calm, cool and collected. By night we are all wildly paranoid and and our fears are unsound. I don't even know where we get it but we all got it.
Always be caution when crossing the room in the dark and I wish you many safe nights!

P.S. I just would like to say that I got 42 page views in one day! Thanks guys!
P.P.S. Due to to the fact that that is too good to be true, I'm tempted to believe that it is Holly checking 42 times a day to see if I have posted anything yet. I wouldn't put that past her. If that is the case, thank you Holly for making me feel loved! :)

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