Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well...that was dumb!

Ok quick story. At work Geoff, my boss, decided he wanted to pop the little bag of popcorn someone gave us months ago to butter us up... Ha! So keep mind that it is one of those little bags. You know the ones that they hand out instead of candy on Halloween. So Geoff hit the "popcorn" button to cook it. You know the one that ever bag of popcorn tells you not to push, yeah that one. So he goes to get the popcorn and the entire kitchen is smoky and he's like "I don't know what to do!" Remember we work on the 4th floor with no outside doors and none of our windows open. So Geoff unplugs the microwave and carried it all the way outside. Haha it was the funniest moment. Ever. I could not stop laughing. I'm still laughing now as I try to type this. On my gosh. So funny. He just kept saying that was not smart. Hahaha oh my gosh! That made my day!

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