Thursday, January 3, 2013

My first letters!

So I know this is in no way original but I think the letter posts people do are really funny so I had an interesting week so I was like why the heck not. Here it goes!

Dear Heater at Work,
I know its fun to have you on when my boss is not in town so I can thaw a little but when you get stuck on and blow until the office is well over 80 degrees it makes me want to scream. Lets stop doing that, Forever!
- A Sweaty Girl

Dear Owner of the Lexus,
I'm so sorry for scratching your car! I so didn't mean to I just underestimated how far the medal bumper on my 12 passenger van stuck out. Thank you for not calling me and yelling at me!
-A Sorry, Spazy Girl driving the Ugly Van

Dear 112 days until I go to Argentina,
Why are you so long? Work is boring! I want to leave!
- A Very Impatient Traveler

Dear Ottoman and Loverly Owners,
I bet when you asked me and my sister to babysit you never expected to get a text like this...
"So while we were playing with the kids, Ali (AKA FattyMacFat-Fat) ;) sat down on your ottoman and we heard a crack. We're pretty sure it's broken. We're really sorry, let us know if there is anything we need to do."
We would also like to apologize for resetting your dish (For the record that was Holly's fault.)
- Two Sorry yet Destructive Girls

Dear Holly,
Thanks for the nickname...
- FattyMacFat-Fat

Dear Stomach Flu,
Thank for not visiting me in the last 5 years. I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't visit me for another 5. At least you were short.
- A Very Sick Puppy

Dear Boss,
Thanks for going out of town. It made my holiday very relaxing. Also it made my sister's day that they could go to work with me. You really deserve more trips then you take (hint hint)!
- You Favorite and only Current Employee :)

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