Monday, October 20, 2014

well... thanks ya'll‏

25 August 2014

Thank you for all the birthday wishes... I'm glad you remembered... or that Facebook reminded you. ;) Facebook... what is that?! Anyway... it was a great day!
We started the day having a great stake conference that was a broadcast from Salt Lake... Lago Salado... :) It was amazing! It was Elder Bednar and 2 from the 70 and one of the counselors in the Primary. Elder Bednar talked about repentance and how it is not just stopping to do it but fully accepting Jesus Christ as a medicine to heal us. It was an amazing talk and I'm excited to use the things we learned! We had some menos activos there and also 2 investigators, including Eli who is amazing and is getting baptized the 6th of September! We taught her 2 times and she full accepted it all and by the second time told us she knows it is true. Her and her boyfriend (member) read the Book of Mormon every night together over the phone! They are really great and progressing a lot!
Then after church, we had an amazing lunch. We studied and then went to another lesson where they fed us and then another lesson where they fed us again... The last one was Jakara which is Guarani for crocodile... or how ever you spell that... But it was really good because the brother is a really good cook! I can now say I ate it... :)
The people here are great! We are seeing progress in the ward and in the area and miracles every day! I love the Lord and the mercy of Him and that He chose me to be here now to do His work! I will serve Him humbly and diligently!
Love you all!

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