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18 August 2014

18 August 2014

My companion just asked me what happened this week and I said well nothing.,.. so this letter may be short...
Just kidding lots happened.... We are just having a hard time remembering... I will tell you a few stories though...
One is that on Monday night we had made an appointment with a lady who has a family who are all members but she isn't. So we passed by to see her and like most of the appointments we set... she was busy and didn't even come talk to us. But her sister did. Her name is Adriana and she is like 23 and super cute and full of life...  And she is a member but very inactive... so I asked her why she didn't go any more and she said (in her paraguayen-argentine accent) "I'm angry with life!" Me, being a prying nosy missionary, asked her why and after a joke she got serious and said "my husband died 10 months ago." So, I asked if we could share something with her. She said yes and we passed in and sat down. She started telling us everything. Monday was the 10 month anniversary of his death. He was a young 32 year old who was healthy and they don't know why he died. They have a 3 year old son and they were a very happy united family. But when he died, her whole world got turned around as you can imagine. I think the saddest part is that as a member of the church, she knows families can be eternal... but he wasn't a member and they never were married. 
We just listened. We listened to all of it. How after he died she wanted to die too. How her son always asks where his dad is and when told he is in the heavens, he says he wants to go there too and cries when she says he can't. How she felt and still feels very very alone and that there is no one to talk to or listen. We just listened and cried and tried telling her that God loves her SO much and that there is hope! But in the end, we mostly just listened and then left the lesson with the determination to live and love every min of the life God gives us!
We also got told by an investigator that he wants to go to the Celestial kingdom because he wants to serve the Lord for all of eternity. The same investigator came with his two daughters (7 and 6 years old) to church. Him and his daughters all brought there Book of Mormon and Bible with them to church and sat so reverently and listened. They are such a great example to me! I love them and watching them grow!
So basically life is all great here! I hope you all will love life and enjoy the times you have to serve the Lord and to progress! Life is great!
Love and miss you all!

Me and my companion.

Rockin' the family reunion shirt while bowling! Thanks Beth!!!

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