Monday, August 11, 2014

... great things are happening

11 August 2014

Well... One, we got to go back to Juan de Salazar last Monday and that was really great! I love seeing them! They are so great!
Some miracles this week was that the attendance in church was 90!!! We were SO happy! Now we just pray we can keep it! I was so happy to see a lot of menos activos there that haven't come in a very long time. One was a YSA who has been going through some really hard things and he started reading the Book of Mormon again this week and just decided to go to church. We meet with him after and he is doing really good and realizing what is the most important thing that he needs to do. It was a miracle.
On Saturday we did a fast for our investigator and menos activo couple who need to get married before he can get baptized. She didn't really want to get married. Like 4 hours after we started our fast we went to their house and asked her about it. She smiled and said I've been thinking about that... and I'm going to have to talk to him! For us it was a VERY big deal and HUGE jump! So we continue praying they will be ready by the 23rd. We know they will be!
I love you all! I love this work. I think I said at least 10 times this week that we don't do anything! Really the Lord and His Spirit do everything... we just walk around and count the numbers. He is perfect! This is His work! and He is doing it... through our Very imperfect hands... and He is making me into His servant. A servant better than last year.... than yesterday! It is an AMAZING process! It is a miracle!
Love, Hna Lutz

Carmen :)
Our beautiful fake sky!

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