Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello my family!‏

4 August 2014

I don't know if I say this enough.. but I Love you guys! I was SO excited to see pictures of Karrie and Julie! OH! AHHH!
I'm really great! I got to meet Hna. Wiscombe... She is from North Carolina and she is AMAZING! I love her so much! And I know we will have some great times together. Last night we saw Mameri and Elda and Mameri was saying that we are more valiente and strong then him even though we are just girls... but that we are doing something that he couldn't do... They thank us often for the change we have brought into their lives. And I thank the Lord more often that He allowed us to be a part of it!
We saw them grow this week. She introduced us to a friend and we were to meet her with Elda. She was testifying about how much the Lord and the gospel has helped her in her live and family! It was such a powerful lesson thanks to her testimony... And we also got to see him bless the sacrament ... It was perfect! He did it perfectly! I'm So grateful the Lord sent us to them at this time!
We saw a ton of miracles this week. Someone swamped by debt completely changed the whole spirit in her house because she decided to be positive and rely on the Lord. A marriage saved because they remember the "why" it was worth fighting for and not just throwing in the towel... (dad) and many blessings that help me see His hand pushing me forward telling me I can do hard things!
I Love the Lord! I love Paraguay! I love Molino! I'm really excited because right now we are going to go to Juan de Salazar to see the Flor family and Carmen!!!! :)
Love you All SO much!

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