Monday, August 11, 2014

the Lord is VERY merciful!‏

28 July 2014

Well it's change week... drum roll...I am staying in Molino like I thought... and I'm going to train again! I'm actually really excited! The Lord is very perfect with His missionaries and all of us and who He puts us with, so I'm not worried... :) My companion is the new sister trainer leader, which means she is the leader of all the sisters and she has to do a lot of division with all of us... she is scared out of her mind.. I'm excited for her! She will be GREAT!
Mameri and Elda are doing GREAT!!! He received the priesthood yesterday! They are both really happy! And we are really happy! :D like that! We also are finding a lot of really great people! One is a 19 year old single mom who's family is members but she doesn't live with them. She is great! ALSO Carmen from Juan de Salazar got married and baptized this weekend! I don't know if you remember her but she is GREAT and I'm SO happy for her! I can't wait to go next week to see her!
So basically we are all great here! Excited for our new adventures! The mission is GREAT! I meet people here everyday that go through so many problems. I have gone through a lot. But no matter what it is... God loves us! He just wants us to learn and grow and become like Him and Jesus Christ. And so... even though He loves us dearly and it breaks His heart to see us suffer and cry... He lets it happen... so that we can learn. So we can be better. So we can experience and learn to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to EVERY situation so we can be forgiven, clean, healed, protected, and so one day... we can return to Him, and He can open His arms wide and He can say "well done my child. Welcome to my rest! I love you!" Read Hebrews 4:14-16... I love it! I testify that They live! They are close by us and VERY ready to help us! I love Them! And for that I'm here!
I love you all!

The family that got baptized and 3 of her sisters and the family of her sister... they are members.
Their sons... Danilo and Nando

us two... oh how long has it been since I've looked like that...
in White!

After the VERY long night.
Bowling for p-day... don't mind if I do...

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