Sunday, July 13, 2014

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7 July 2014

Well let's see... This picture attached is a picture of Andrea and her daughter Monse and her new baby, Allison Victoria... :) (We couldn't actually see the picture.)
So mom and dad... You did such a good job naming your duaghter... they stole it! ;) Really I still can't believe she named her daughter that. Now I have to go back to visit so that I can meet her! 
Anyway... I want to inform you all that you need to be fully ready to accept me no matter how much weight I've gained... But to defend myself, I just have to tell you what we ate yesterday... we accidentally had 2 lunches... so we ate beans and rice, and then beef and more rice and mandyoka which is like potato... and then a very big portion of noodles in a weird sauce and bread. And then for dinner we ate mashed potatoes and gravy and more beef with a different weird sauce and a fruit pizza type thing... in case you are wondering my never throwing up in Paraguay strike was broken... and no this is not normal food. These people cook very well... and they cook A LOT!
This week was exciting because a teen (he is 19 or 20ish but the Spanish word for him doesn't work in English... #2ndlanguageproblems) That I found in Juan de Salazar and worked with him and taught him some of the lessons got baptized! I was a little sad that I wasn't there but I am so happy that he finally made the decision to follow Jesus and make covenants with Heavenly Father! I pray he can stay focused on the important things of life and stay active! 
We had an exciting week here too with lots of menos activos (it was a MIRACLE that they came) and investigators who came to church and new ones that we are finding. I love it when we are teaching someone and they didn't understand anything and then the light comes on and they understand everything! It is an amazing work we are a part of and I LOVE watching the Lord work miracles through me! I love the Lord and I love the miracle He is working in the lives of so many, especially me!
I hope you guys know I love you all! And I hope you can take the time to look for and give thanks for the miracles and blessings that the Lord is working in your lives! Bendiciones!
Hna Lutz!

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