Monday, August 11, 2014

We have been tooting the horn of rightousness and ringing the gong of unity all week!‏

14 July 2014

They say that you can't open the pictures... sorry... I'm working with little time and bad internet... so we will try again... what will be important will be the pictures I will send next week cause......
I just have to say that Heavenly Father Loves His missionaries! It is amazing. It has been a very long time since I saw someone I worked with enter the waters of baptism and the wedding has been a dream my whole mission and I'm .. WE ARe VERY happy!!! We are SO happy!
They are amazing! They are Mameri and Elda and they are the Chamacoco family and they are AMAZING! they have 2 sons, Nando and Danilo who are adorable! and they are SO happy and ready and I'm so happy! We had a lesson with them last night and we watched the Mormon message "Better things will come" by Elder Holland which is one of my favorites... :) They both cried and testified of all the blessings that they have seen in their lives and they told us stories and they are amazing! Elda with tears in her eyes said that she was happy with all the missionaries who have passed through their house but that she was VERY happy because with us she was going to get baptized and married! And we too are VERY happy!!! :) I don't know if you can tell... We are seeing a TON of miracles with the members offering money and food and help so that it can be perfect! I'm so grateful the Lord trusts us with His work and I pray every day I can live up to His expectations! Love you all! Have a great week!!!

The baby's name is Allison Victoria. :)

Photographic evidence!!!!! It was a good baptism. Even though it started almost an hour late because the Ratoncitos had the keys and Hermana Terrazas exploded the kitchen with what was going to be the postre (some kind of purple gooey something from peru haha). He was so happy. :) And he's in it 100%

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