Monday, June 9, 2014

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9 June 2014

Well I'm just down here in Paraguay... Where the weather is perfect... "not too cold and not too hot. All you need is a light jacket."... anyway... I love this time down here... I hate the humidity... but that comes and goes... We did have the sister from the mission come to clean our house, and she was surprised at all the mold we have... I will not be bringing home any of my clothes... :/
We had 2 really tender moments this week. Probably more but when I sit down to write, 2 stand out. 1 is with Cintia. She is the young women that is 15 who is amazing! She is reading like crazy the Book of Mormon and progressing... in everything but coming to church. We are working on that one... This week she told us that we are literally sisters to her and that she loves meeting with us. She said that if we say we are going to pass by Wednesday she just wants Wednesday to come so that we can come over and meet with her! She says that she just loves us so much because we are teaching her things she never knew before (mom!) and we are helping her get closer to God. She is really doing all of it as she prays and reads but we are here like guides. But I thank Heavenly Father often to be part of her conversion process... because I'm learning SO much from her...
Another one is that Monday last week we had a lesson with a new investigator Janet. We sat down and she just started telling us everything about her past, her family and all the scars she has. She then realized that maybe she had been talking too much and she said "sorry I just feel like I can trust you guys" I asked her why she felt that way and she said "I just feel like I've know you guys for a really long time." I was just hit by that and realized (even more) that God's plan is SO perfect and He loves us SO much! He knows exactly who we need to meet and help and know in our life and even though this 16 year old was born in Luque, Paraguay and I was born in Colorado, He found a way for us to meet so that we could help her come back to Him! He knows that we loved her before we got here... and we promised each other we would help the other one back! (I don't know if that is false doctrine but that is how I feel!) 
Also another one... We have been working a lot with Carmen. Our investigadora who would be baptized but she needs to get married and as of right now... her husband doesn't want to meet with us... so we gave her the commitment to kneel in prayer every night with her 3 kids... She says that now they remind her to do it and that when she says it's time for prayers, they come in and kneel down (even the little one who is 2) and they fold their arms and quietly listen (unless it is too long... then they tell her that that is enough... ;)) I Love how quickly children learn things that are hard sometimes for adults to learn! They are just closer to heaven! 
Well that is all for down here this week... I hope these little stories filled you with warmth... I feel like it is Chicken soup for the soul... but it is kinda cold down here.. that is what they all tell me at least... :)
Love you All SO much!!!

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