Sunday, June 22, 2014

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16 June 2014

These are the pictures below... I always tell stories about these people but you don't even know what they look like... so here are some...
1 Cintia and her siblings
2 Carmen! and her kids!

This week was fun and hard... We did service a few times... as the pictures tell, and we got to go to a baptism of the Elders with our investigator Carmen... It was so cute she was like writing down all the scriptures so that she could read them later! She also told us big news... HER HUSBAND WANTS TO GET MARRIED... She told us on Tuesday... but now we don't know what is going to happen because Thursday she went to the hospital for like 3 days with her daughter... and now they will have money problems...but we are still praying a TON!
I am a little sad... we have changes... so I won't be here for all that is to come in the area... I will be going to Molina... I think is the name... It's impossible to know for sure over cell phone here but it is in Luque so probably the same stake--- and my comps name is Hna Hunt.... From what I've heard she Rocks... She has like 9-ish months... I'm excited!
We had a really tender experience this week end... yesterday. We have been meeting with a menos activo who has not ever really been too excited for our visits... but yesterday, he was thanking us for coming and giving him hope for continuing on. We got to testify of Jesus Christ and the changes we have seen in our lives for Him and what He means to us... It was powerful! I love testifying of Him! It is my favorite part of the mission!
I know He lives and loves us! I know He can heal and make whole whatever we let Him put His hands on. He is our perfect Savior and Best Friend and Older Brother!
I love Him and for that I am here! We live our lives as representatives of Him!
Love you ALL!
Hna Lutz

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