Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paraguay!!! Oh, how I love you!‏

19 May 2014

I Love this place! It is the bestest! There are some really bad things (mostly the big bugs, scorpions, going to put on your meeting shoes and find them COVERED in mold, finding other cloths covered in mold) but what it lacks it makes up for in fruit, culture, and people! This week we had 2 lessons that stand out more then others. It was with a girl named Cintia. She is 15 (she turned 15 on the 15th mothers day here...)  and that day we took her a card and a little cake... and we taught her the 1st vision... There are not very many silent moments in Paraguay, but this was one of them! She just soaked it up! She kept saying "I didn't know I didn't know!" That night she read the pamphlet and said she prayed and knew it was true... and that she couldn't sleep. :) When we went back 3 days later she was already testifying to her mom and sister that it was true. Her mom said she could already see a difference in her "rebellious" daughter. That day we had a lesson with her mom and sister and it was incredible! The same thing! SUPER powerful! Her mom said our church is the only one she hasn't been to but by the end she too was saying "I didn't know!" We are REALLY excited to go back and teach them. 
Another weird experience... our attendance in church when I got here was 59... This week we had 148! It is amazing the growth...
Also, we were passing by to talk to an investigator and he was like "I want you to meet my brother and his parents"... They are from South Carolina and came to visit (they adopted his brother almost at birth) and they didn't speak any Spanish. So, they were REALLY excited to talk to us and have a translator at least for a while! It was really cool to see how my Spanish has changed! :)
I love you all! Have an awesome week! Serve someone and smile and share the good news we have in our lives! 
1. The longest street ever... but you can't see it all... yes that is wood on there heads and shoulders..
2. We went to the beehive factory here... what!


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