Monday, May 26, 2014

and so it begins...‏

26 May 2014

Everyone ready for Christmas... cause we are! The first day of winter was Wednesday and it got cold Thursday! Like cold... rain south winds cold... if that means anything to any of you... here it means cold!
While bundled up but still tracking our favorite pass time it singing Christmas carols in 2 part harmony... mostly because contacting and lessons are becoming scares... Paraguayans do not like the cold... like at all... but we keep going.
We went from 148 attendance to 45 in church this week... and that is how we roll down here... let's hope this 3 month winter is nice to us... and the missionary work.
We did have an amazing morning Saturday. We found 2 new investigators back to back. We taught the Restoration super powerfully both times and the spirit was so thick! Amazing!
I'm coming to a full realization that the Lord sent me here to save myself! I am a different person I once was, and I thank the Lord everyday for changing me! I Love Paraguay and the people and the lessons I'm learning from them! I hope they will remember me... 
I love you all and am forever grateful for the gospel in my life... our lives! Thanks to generations of faithful people!
Love you all!!!

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