Sunday, May 25, 2014

I do live in a 3rd world country...‏

12 May 2014 

Well I was So grateful to talk to almost all of you family! You guys rock! Even though you couldn't see my face (refer to subject line for explanation) but I could see yours... and that was awesome! I love you guys! Although it will be the last time I refer to this... the next time we see each other and hear each other will be in the airport... and that will come all too quick... so that way it is now forbidden to talk about it... ;)

I'm very grateful for my new comp... she is awesome! She is a really hard worker and it is so much fun to teach and learn from and with her! Here are some stories from this week...
1. Maria --- She is that deaf sister I was telling you guys about that made me realize that Heavenly Father knows me and He knows ALL my talents... my talent to love deaf people and speak with them was not lost when I got my call here... He is perfect and I'm here now to help these people!
2. Carmen --- She is our investigator that is progressing like A wild fire in Colorado! ;) She is AWESOME!!! She is learning SO fast! The other day she read the pamphlet and taught us what was in it! Then after that we left her the commitment to be repenting of her sins and the next time when we asked about it she has a straight up Alma 36 repenting story... !!! :) She is amazing!!! I'll let you know when she is getting married and baptized!!!
4. Fanny and Delia --- They are these awesome 2 friends... Delia is a menos activa and Fanny is her friend... And they understand SO much! I have really noticed that the spirit literally enlightens their minds! 
Well ignore the yucky glasses... I have gripe... (don't worry mom... that just means a cold) but this is a picture of me and Hna Argyle and me and Hna Bennett... isn't our area BEAUTIFUL?!?!??! I love it here! I don't know if I'm going to go home... ;)
I love you all!!! Happy mothers day (11th there... 15th of May here...) and Paraguay independence day (the 14th) and Family day (the 16th!!!!!)
I love you all!!!

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