Sunday, May 25, 2014


5 May 2014

Well my dear family... and friends... I just wanna say really fast that I SO stinkin much love all of you!!! and It makes me SO happy every time I get an email that tells me my family is growing... thanks for no one telling me that Kent had a baby... I didn't even know they were expecting... The only reason I know anything is cause I get Emily's monthly email... Thanks Emily... for keeping me in the loop! I always thought it wouldn't be that bad to be down here... I figured oh my family loves me... they will keep me updated... ha! I guess after a year they all forget... That is ok reading between the lines skills are getting REALLY good! Thanks for giving me extra practice!

This week was kinda big... we found a dead snake and I now have been really close to a terantula... NOT cause I wanted to ... but because they are EVERYWHERE!!!! UGH! I thought I wasn't a silly scared girl.... but when the spider is bigger than a baseball... yeah... I just have NO desire to have them close.... I think for obvious reasons... but I could be wrong... 
My comp just said that her family all laughs at the dumb things I do that she writes them about... great, now not only are my mom and dad telling my embarrassing stories to everyone... someone else's mom and dad are too... oh brother!
ANYWAY... It rained... like a boat load... I'm working on the conversion factor Dad, and my comp ruined her camera but she got a good picture first! So these are thanks to her! Poor girl...
The big question I know that is running through all your minds is what happened with changes... cause I know you all know that it has been 6 week and it is about time... 
We are having changes this week... and .... drum roll... I'm going ...nowhere... But my comp it going to Loma Pytà!!! One of my old areas!!! So I'm REALLY excited for her!!! And my new comp is Hna Bennett... She has like 7 month out in the field... :) I'm happy and excited to work with her!
One big thing I learned this week from Elder Wilhelm (from the 70) is that if we have faith we will obey... if we don't obey we will loose our faith and as we obey our faith will grow and we will see miracles! We have definitely seen that! We are working with some new investigators AMazing! and we are watching them change! I love it!
I love you all!!! Serve the Lord well! and go forth with faith!

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