Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hands down the most interesting week of my mission... thus far...‏

21 April 2014

This week can only be described with the word ADVENTURE! The subjects are as followed... I'll explain...
---More food them I've ever eaten in my life... ugh! Although I love the hospitality of these people... I have now gained 50 pounds... In one week! We have eaten everything from breads to chipa... will explain... to beef and duck and sausage and rice and noodles and fruite... everything! It is unreal how many times we have said this week I'm never eating again!
---Wood house.... yes we did try to build you... There is a foundation here that is called Techo por mi pais...roof for my country... and they build pre-fabricated wood houses for people...and the ward mission leaders's mother in law was getting one... so he asked us and the elders to help... so one night we carried big pieces of wood put together... I don't know how to describe it... and there was like 6 of us and they kept telling me and my comp to take a break cause it was heavy... well we just kept helping and they were impressed we just kept going... thus...don't make fun of a sister missionary's strength or she will show you...
---My comp is the sister of Thor... the next day at the house site... they were digging holes to put in the wood that were acting like posts... foundations... and they would fill these holes with rocks... and well some one needed to crush the rocks... so while everyone else were worried about it being level and all that... we smashed rocks... my comp was really good... I was decent too... but I think "she's got a lota rage..." movie quote... that will hopefully be one of the pictures sent... the one that is for sure attached... is us and the elders and Hno. Flor, the ward mission leader, and his daughter in his mother-in-law's house.
---As she watched her shoe float down the river... that night and the next day it rained for 16 hours... so there was TONS of water in the streets... and because Ali doesn't like to walk around in boots while everyone else is in flip flops I just wore my crocs... and I was trying to walk across a bridge which is really just a slippery piece of wood, and I thought, "well I'll take off my slippery crocs to have better grip"... well my finger got stuck in the whole as I threw the shoe to the other side (I know I would have done a lot differently if I had been thinking... but I wanted my hands to be free if I slipped..) ... one got successfully across and the other didn't... we were just paralyzed watching as it floated down the river.... :/ so now I only have one shoe... which I walked home in... to kind of protect my feet from the rocks... 
well after we were paralyzed and watching the shoe... we started laughing... really hard... and well I am now 1/5th south american missionary... but i wont tell you which one...
---You dun did dye dem eggs... with sprinkles... I thought we had dye... we didn't... so I used the valentines sprinkles mom sent me and vinegar and water... Martha Steward Ain't got nutten on me!!!
and then they fry eggs and put them in a bunny... we tried to explain the traditions of Easter in the states to a youth in our ward and then have him explain it back... that is what he said we do... so I hope you all enjoyed your fried eggs...! :)
---"How are you"... chipa... we also told the same youth to speak in English and this is what he said... we were making chipa which is like a spongy dense bread... I have no idea how to describe it because it uses things we do not have... like mandyoka flour... but it is DELISH!
---He tells people he is Mormon! We have an investigator and when other religion missionaries came to his house, he told them he was Mormon! We explained that it is the Church of Jesus Christ and after he understood that... we did a happy yea dance!!!! EEEEEEE!!!
TEMPLE! Tomorrow!!!! We!!! GET!!! TO!!! GO!!!!! EEEEE!!!!!
Well I hope you all have an amazing week and opportunities to share the gospel which is SUCH a great blessing in out lives!
Hna Lutz

"This is a collectivo... it was my ward going to conference... do you like my dress... ITS AWESOME!""I was rockin it. ;) It is called a`poì... it is Paraguay to a T! You can kinda see it on the front part.."

Painting Hna. Limpia's new house

Painting Hna. Limpia's new house

 Us and the elders and Hno. Flor, the ward mission leader, and his daughter in his mother-in-law's house.

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