Monday, April 14, 2014

tradsies and nuevsies...‏

14 April 2014

Well that is a weird subject line but I bet you are just dying to find out what we did this week... We had divisions.. Which I love and we don't get to do them tons because there are now 2 sets of sister leaders and they do what they can but it is hard to do them all... so I got to go to Mbuyducuya (Which is like the choochiest area... almost anyway. It is by the office of the mission and close to the temple... And work there with Hna Owen who I came with from the MTC... It was really fun and my comp did really great showing a latina around our area!

We got a new bishop this week... that was really exciting! We knew this was coming since Christmas about so it was a long time coming but it is exciting to be here and to help the new bishop... He has been bishop of this ward before and bishop of another ward near by and then High Counsel. So this isn't his first rodeo but we are hoping to help him and the members out a lot. 

We got to help paint this week. Everyone here is suprised to find out that we paint our own house and we do it often...They all think we pay someone to do that kind of stuff.  But to be honest it was still a strange experience because it was plaster with a bit of color in it and it was runnier then my nose is in this cold wind we are getting... but we rocked it and if we can figure out how to work these dang computers.. maybe I'll send you some pictures of the casita! 

Well I don't know if you picked up on my hind but IT HAS COME!!!! One of these days we had a CRAZY electrical storm and the cold weather has now hit.. and when I say cold I mean it is probably 65º and a little wind... I don't think it is terribly cold but our house is good at keeping the cold in... but my comp always wears her winter coat inside... we are working on adjusting! 

Well that is all from me this week! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! And holy week... here that means wednesday through sunday no one works or goes to school... what a great time to have members go with us to lessons.. We are also planning on eating TONS of Chipa... Which is a really good bread that apparently is really big this week... I will get back to you on that because this is my 1st Easter here! 
Well LOve you all TONS!!!!! And have an Incredible week!!!!!
Hna Lutz

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