Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thats... unbelievable!‏

17 March 2014

This week was amazing! I will tell you about some of the miracles during the week and then Sunday... which was one of the best Sundays of my life!
We had some awesome FHE's this week. In one of them we were teaching the Armor of God (pic #1) and when we asked (after we taught it 3 times and she had answered right once) who we were in a war with she said "I don't know like Argentina or Uruguay..." Anyway it was funny...
Another day we were looking for a contact named Maria (yes looking for a needle in a haystack (you can find a whole lot of Maria's but to find the one you want... is a little harder...) and we were asking around for her and found this awesome other lady! She is solid! 
We were worried about not having a lesson with a member one day and then we sat down to meet with this menos activa and a recent convert showed up and taught the lesson with us! It was a miracle for us!
Also the same night we did the same Armor of God with another family (Norma and Edgar and their 3 sons) and we put the same armor of God on their oldest son... He is like a big guy even though he is 13 and is was really funny because the armor was tiny... HA!
Friday, my comp got a little spider bite and then proceeded to hyperventilate and say she was loosing feeling in her leg... I'm glad to report... nothing happened... She is really funny! We were laughing (mostly me at her...) a lot!
Then Sunday happened.... Saturday night my comp had a dream that we had the attendance of 82... big deal because we have been averaging 65 for a while and so we left in the morning with high spirits! Then we went early to go get a menos activos who didn't answer the door so we decided to swing by Norma's house (and when I say swing by, I mean it is like a 10 min walk...). For 3-ish weeks, she has had something else to do every Sunday and this week she was like "can you wait a min for us..." Her and her 3 son's came to church... then also 2 others did. Norma was saying in Sunday school how her favorite scripture story is the tree of life! and publicly thanked us for giving her the Book of Mormon! Then after church we had a lesson with Roberto (a guy that has come 3 times now) and the first thing he asked was how can I know if this is the true church... after an AWESOME lesson, we sent him on his way with a baptism date and the commitment to read the Book of Mormon! Then, when we were walking around contacting the 3 references, this other contact gave us one guy, who walked up to us, asked us why we never come to his house and then asked what day he can go to our church to study... We quickly responded that we would be back this week to teach him... And on Saturday this other lady just walked up to us and asked when we were going to come to her house... I guess we really are fishing for men... fish that are JUMPING into the boat!!!
I love you all!!! Thanks for your support and prayers! Have a great week and Blessings in serving the Lord!
Hna Lutz

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