Sunday, March 23, 2014

A bowl full 'a peanuts.....‏

10 March 2014

Well that subject has nothing to do with anything but I want you to read my email! Cause the pictures ARE GOOD!
1. crazy 80's hair... 
2 better faces... don't embarrass my comp too bad!
3.I love you guys! in 3 languages! ;) EVERYONE is free to make this your new phone and computer background! Or any of the other ones ;)
Well this week we did switch things up a bit. We got to do service (big deal for us cause usually when we try we just get denied. But we found out the secret is to take a member... they just take over and the person has no option!) We washed a lot of cloths... I'm pro hand washer now... so NBD... but we also found out the secret of the cloths... Fabric Softener! It makes nasty smell great!
I told you I would tell you about Arelio... He is an awesome menos activo that is almost active but he is the one member I know that reads the Book of Mormon every night in Guadani. He also writes poetry in Guadani and he will read (translate) the ones about Christ to us and they are really good! He is going to copy it for us! He also ALWAYS makes us limeade... every time we go... which is a miracle to us most days because he is also the ONLY person who will receive us during siesta (I HATE SIESTA!). It is a double win! He also kinda makes a racket in class on Sundays... He is a really firm believer that we need to analyze the words of the hymns and the scriptures! and the APPLICATION! He is so awesome!
As far as investigators... we only have 2. One is expecting a baby any day and can't read so that is hard for her to go to church but she is awesome! The other has a lot going on in her life but she reads the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY and analyzes it like an active member! They are both solid and we can't wait for what is to come!
Monday... 3 incredibly inspiring lessons!
Tuesday!... a very awesome district meeting and then an awesome contact with empanadas!
Wednesday... service
Thursday... DIVISIONS!!!!
Friday... being rejected like 5 times and then having an awesome last contact!
Saturday... more empanadas!
Sunday! stake conference!
Love you All!!! Have a fabulous week!

Collectivo... trust me, that is all you want to know about our mode of transportation...

with Hna Tomco... she came with me

sopa paraguayo that we made... NBD

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