Sunday, March 30, 2014

As we went a'walk-alin down were the birds were flock-alin‏

24 March 2014

Well this was a week... one of those pictures is 2 sisters with rain and while our week had a little more adventure to it... That started it off...  Monday started it off with a BANG with an FHE planned by a menos activo and his active wife with 3 investigators. We watched the restoration video! My comp thought she almost got killed by a dog Wednesday because it ran up behind her and bit... her skirt... We passed a guy who's horn on his motorcycle cat calls... that was a new one... and we were walking past kids who are here to build houses who talked to us in German until we told them we were from the states... then they talked to us in English. We found out at 10 pm Saturday that we had to give talks Sunday... they turned out great! We also got to sleep in on Sunday because of the time change!...
We also were walking one day and our appointments fell through, so we went to a street we never went to before... a rode less traveled... not always the best idea.... IT WAS A SWAMP!!!  We proceeded through until we had to jump over a little lake from one muddy side to the other... where my foot kept going and I fell... right on my butt... messy day... but there were 2 little kids watching and later they saw us and proceeded to tell all the kids on the street (like 20) that I fell in the mud... yes that is my... the neighbor hood joke! ;) Then we were walking in the same area when it was almost dark out and these 2 boys (like 10 year olds) JUMPED out of the bushes to scare us! What the.... ?!?!? we screamed and then laughed... :) But in the same area we were walking and these two guys yelled something at us I choose not to understand. This like 10 year old rode by on a bike right then and yelled at these like 20-25 year olds that that was bad etiquette and that they need to respect the name of the Lord! and other things in guadani... I gave him a hi-five as he rode by cause it was hands down the coolest thing ever! So there is still good in this world! ;)
We really are learning TONS! It was a sad week because we taught some really powerful lessons and found golden people but then they decided not to act on it... yet... and while we will not give up we are grateful for the patience the Lord gives us to love and help His children!
I'm grateful for eternity! That there is more then just this life! All the sacrifices and the hard times will have their reward! We patiently keep the commandments knowing the Lord knows more then we and we move forward with Good Cheer!!!
Love you all!!! Have an AMAZING week! And remember to Choose Eternal Life!!!

"cutsie hair!"

"random cake we bought for someone going home... delish!"

"A recent convert's new house... the stuff of course will be moved..."

"did my hairs and makeup..."

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