Wednesday, March 5, 2014

me... in a nutshell

From a letter to Mom:

I am in the ward Juan de Salazar and unlike the states where there are more then one ward in an area... here there are usually more then one set of missionary to the same ward... so it is us and a set of elders to this one little ward. And when I say little it is because it is TINY... 90 is average attendance but 60 was this last week... tiny!

My comp says the biggest miracle of all is that we aren't dead yet! And that yesterday, the ping pong-sized piece of fat fit down my esophagus... ask Julie for the story!
But on a more serious note, I think the biggest miracles are just finding someone who understands when the spirit is all around and they look at you and ask "what do I need to do." Then you get to testify that Christ asks us to give ALL of us. We just need to make and keep covenants! That is all! And become better at it every day! Then we can get back!
And I think the testimony I now have is a miracle... and that yesterday I gave a 10 min talk in Spanish and didn't even have butterflies in my stomach! And that amid all the physical and emotional and mental Exhaustion... we are spiritually ON FIRE! And we are good! We keep going and forget about other non-important things! Overcoming the natural man!
Sorry as far as the work goes, we have only one family that is a miracle! They ask us all the time how we found them and we just testify that it was the Lord!

3 March 2014

The random adventures of the week!
I lost my shoes in the mud... It was so messy I just decided to take them off and walk in my socks until I got to the concrete! LOVE RAIN!
We bought a GORG cake this week (just to eat! and for my half birthday!) ( you can ask Julie for pictures) and we ate half and then... Hna Lutz being a klutz... (ok Mr. Hinkle...#5thgradeproblems) spilled it all over the floor... Julie has a pic of that too!
The food here is great but they feed us so much there are many times that we feel we will VOMIT!
My dear comp this week said as she was introducing herself to the zone that she is the best of 5 kids in her family! :) love learning a new language...
We got braids again... input!
Probably one of my favorite people ever in Paraguay is a Menos Activo (almost active) whose name is Arelio, and he is AWESOME and really funny but I'll tell you about him later (I love 80 year old Paraguayan men!)
Love you all and the Lord! I love this work and the growth I see in me and in others! I will write more next week! Maybe a miracle from each day... I will try!
Love you ALL!

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