Tuesday, February 4, 2014


You know you are a Paraguayan missionary when...
-You get good at taking a shower with just a drip of water comming out
-You watch someone's trash pile (that they burn because what else can you do with trash) catch the neighbor's house on fire WHILE you are in the middle of teaching the first vision
-You have to decide which is going to have worse long-lasting affects -- drinking the tap water or dehydration
-You get better at accents in Spanish
-You pass by a military base that has ostriches on the soccer field
-The skin on your feet falls off at alarming rates
-You get a third degree burn on your shoulder from just walking around
-You don't remember what it feels like to not be sweaty and have dirty feet...
Well, those are some of the things that happened this last week!
The work is going and we see miracles every day! I love this work and this different place that we live and these people that we serve! 
Have an AMAzing week and go share what we have! The good news of Christ!
Hna Lutz

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