Monday, January 27, 2014

choocy docters in paraguay...‏

27 January 2014

If you have a weak stomach I recommend not reading this.... but it should make you smile at my ridiculousness...
Well, thank you for not freakin out... last week I had a HORRIBLE pain in my ear and a really infected bug bite... so i got sent to a really fancy Dr. here - I'm talking like States status... She was really nice and we found out the horrible pain that kept me from eating and sleeping was a cyst in my ear... better knows as a zit. She just popped that little sucker and gave me a cream to make it go away... sounds fine but it was actually THE WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE!!! It made me cry and want to scream! It was horrible but now it is ALL gone!!!!! :D
the other problem was the infection in my leg...that was a spider bite (we think) that got infected.... She literally squeezed the infection out of that.... apparently here squeezing is the solution to all things... That is NOT fun, but not even close to the pain in my ear! So she gave me like 3 meds for that and now I have to go back today to show her the miracle.... Hna Fuller told me that aloe vera takes out infection... good thing EVERYONE in Paraguay has aloe and they don't even know to put it on sunburns. So I just got a little of that and.... well the pic is after one night!!!!! WOW!!!! Go buy an aloe plant and I will show you more things to do with it when I get home... 
Speaking of home... my 9 month mark passed well... with chicken empanadas and crazy pictures... included one.
Thanks for the Christmas package! It was just a little late, but kinda fun to have a late Christmas!!! :)
Love you all and am so grateful for this time that the Lord is allowing me to be a part of His work and the lives of His children!!! I love it so much!!!

All her meds

BEFORE . . .

. . . AFTER

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