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10 January 2013

Well now I BELIEVE everyone is still on the list...... 
Well, this has been a very exciting day! With the new baby.... thanks for telling me Steve ... :l and with all the other... we have new transfers... and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm NOT leaving! I might have my 6 month area!!!!! It is my dream to stay in an area for like 6 months... hopefully I will follow in Hna Quispe's example and have this be the place! I'm growing to love these people... which happens everywhere but still....
And my comp is..... not even in Paraguay yet..... Yes, that is right... I'm training.... DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!! It is kind of a big deal for me.... and I haven't stopped long enough today to think about it that much! But I'm excited... :)
I know you all know it is hot here, but I would like to fill you in on HOW hot! Like mom said this week there was a 126º difference in temp from here to there and yes, it is hot. But the thing is that THIS IS HOT FOR PARAGUAY!!!!!! Knowing that I was going to serve here for one summer no mas... Paraguay decided to prepare its best and is having the hottest summer they have had in the last 80 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Just think about that for a moment.... that is longer then Grandpas (them both) have existed!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! Just my luck! :( But I'm over coming and living still.... and that alone is a mission miracle... A polar bear learning to live on the sun! 
We are having a really hard time with the work (investigators and all) so that is why you haven't really heard much about baptisms or any progress... But we do see miracles happen everyday and we are praying that the work will be good for the new missionary who will be joining me!
As far as pictures... we had some going away parties this week (the elder here is going home... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!) and so I will send some fun ones... maybe to all maybe not to all... sorry I will do what I can...
I love you all! I know that God and Jesus Christ live and love us and are at the head of Their church and Their work! They will not let US fail! And that includes you, you member missionaries! 
Hna Lutz


same family with monse and my comp 

what they wash... everything in here... cloths, kids, feet, everthing!

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