Monday, January 20, 2014

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20 January 2014

This week is a little crazy!!! We had to come to Asuncion... just so you know I still don't have any packages... but don't worry too much... I'm sure they will come... eventually! :) It is ok... It will be Christmas all year round! :)
I'm doing really good! I am a little sick but don't worry about it... I'm getting better... and after when I'm better I will tell you guys why I was sick! ;) But seriously, it is not like a I might die sick so don't worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM! DAD! No need to call anyone here! ;)
But I can't believe this is week 4 of the change! That means transfers are in like 2 weeks..... AH!!!!! Where did it go?!?!? But it is super fun and we are seeing tons of miracles! The coolest days (like miracles wise) are the days that are so hot you can't even think... it is disgustingly hot and EVERYONE is sleeping and we are just trying to talk to ANYONE! and we try and try and try... and NOthi'... and then... you meet someone amazing! and have a PUDETE! lesson and it is SO cool! It gets us through!!!!!! Working hard... walking a lot... taking 5 second shade breaks (sometimes under palm trees because there is literally nothing else! and they give a little shade!). It is a fabulous work!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Sorry it is short... I have to go! But I love you all SO MUCH and I will send really good pictures next week!!!! WITH ALL MY PARAGUAYAN LOVE!!!!!

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