Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 and corn rows

6 January 2014

1. I now have the most complicated family life every! I have a step mom and 2 step daughters!!!! But for the first time ever..... I have an American comp!!!! :) Her name is Hna Meese and she is from Highland, UT... and it is really bad for my Spanish but it is really fun to be together! :)

2 I am now in the jungle..... mas o menos... I'm in a housing development in the jungle! It is sweet! It is a cool place! Pretty poor, but has some nice too! It is more like Preston ID..... but with jungle and not fields.... and the same amount of cows..... it is cool... I'll take pictures soon.....
3. We are really just starting in on the work so we talk to a lot of people and find a lot of news. We are finding a lot of menos activos and conversos recientes.... It is fun and fulfilling that we can help them back and that we are finding new ready people to teach! 
4. We had one really cool lesson this week with a lady about repentance and how we can feel happy and peace after! It was such a powerful lesson! I love testifying about Jesus Christ and His role in our lives and repentance and healing! I feel like I have a stronger testimony now then I have ever had before and I love sharing it!!! :) It is probably my favorite thing!!! :)
I love this work a lot!!! It is really fun and hard and the blessings and miracles are so real and so amazing! I mean, I can speak Spanish... how long did I study before and now I can speak after just 7 months... (yesterday!!! 7 months in Paraguay... crazy huh?!?!) But it is really fun and cool! I notice the difference a lot more now because my comp speaks well but she only has 7 weeks in the country... so it is coming
I hope all is well with you all, that you passed well the holidays, and that you enjoyed being lazy!!! ;)
Have a good week and I love you all so much!!!
Hna Lutz
1. Me and Hna Meese! crazy.-....
2. Paraguay has branded me... Jeff's leg scar has nothing on me! I'll give you 10 mil if you can tell me what burned me!

Ali's corn-rows

Ali's new house

The floor plan of Ali's house

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