Friday, January 3, 2014


16 December 2013 (Sorry I've been so lame in not posting these for a while.)

Well I really can't believe it, but it has been a year since last Christmas!!!!

I had a really funny picture I took for you (to show that i have practically no shoes...) but me being me ... my camera was dead and so I took it on the camera of my housemate's and well, complicated but that camera is now in Uruguay... so next week... it really is funny!
It is really fun to be in another country and learn new cultures for Christmas... instead of Peppermint ice cream, we are eating panatone (which is like sweet bread with dried fruit) and we are eating a lot... because it's hot!!!! The lights and nativities are really cool and the mangoes and other fruit (inga being one really cool one) are really amazing and starting to rot in the streets... the smell of fermenting mangoes in the hot sun....... yes it smells like Christmas!!!!!
We are having a hard time with the work because the people would rather breath their bought air then talk in the hot sun with us... but there are lots of miracles when it comes to finding people amazing! You are like lost and don't know what to do but then you have a BAM spirit lesson and you remember why you walk in the hotter then hot streets all the days long... I only have gotten sunburned 2 times.... I think that is a record so far!!!!! 
This really is an amazing work to be involved in!!!! One that if we don't have everyone to help... we can't do it! So take sometime to help out the work!!! Talk with someone or give a reference to the missionaries or visit with them!!! They need your help!!! You can feed them too!!!! We like that!!!!! :)
Thank you all for your love prayers and Faith!!! There is a reason this is such a special time of year and that is because Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! I know He lives and loves us!!! He is our best friend and brother!!! And He is always next to us waiting for us to rely one Him to be raised up and to become better people!!!
Love you all!!!!!
Hna Lutz!!!

The funny picture she sent later.

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