Monday, December 9, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!‏

9 Dec 2013

Yeah, it's a joke! By a lot like Christmas, I refer to the nativities being sold in the streets and the random tree and lights! That's all you need right?! Oh yeah, the only thing we are missing is the SNOW!!!!! Only one Christmas only one!!!! 
*for Holly "Just block on Mia Just block One!!!"
Well every thing here is really good! Living with 3 latinas is really crazy but it helps so much with my Spanish! It is so fun living with them!
We bought little thermals today! (900 mL, but I don't know what that means in America!) We are way stoked to start using them!!!! The things you don't learn when you are born and raised in Colorado and the only other place you live is Rexburg... That in 100ºF, ice melts in about 5 seconds in a regular water bottle! Hopefully the Themo will help with that!!! They are really cute!!! and make me happy!!!
We had some really cool experiences this week! One was last Monday. We were in a lesson with a Catholic (like everyone else here) but he actually knows about stuff because he is studying in a Catholic school... and he was completely confused about the prophet. He said that the prophet was going to come from the Vatican and well, he was confused and we just both felt the need to testify. The Spirit took over and we testified with everything we had and we left him a Book of Mormon and left. It was totally the first time that I really felt like the Spirit completely took over. Also yesterday, we showed up at the exact moment a menos activo needed us and had the change to testify to her as well. That was really cool too because I felt prompted to give her a talk that I had (by divine design) for someone else and to testify about the healing power of the Atonement! It was a really amazing experience!
I'm so grateful to be here! I know I'm here for a reason, here in what I feel like is Beverly Hills compared to Zabillos Cuè (not as Beverly) and I know we are finding the people ready for this. I know my testimony can be enough if I open my mouth every time I have the chance and testify with the Spirit! 
I love the Savior! I'm here for that reason! And I'm SO grateful that I have this change to serve as His feet, His hands, His mouth here in Paraguay! Love you all!
Hna Lutz

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