Friday, January 3, 2014

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30 December 2013

Wow! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas... Sorry all of my family spent it sick..... I can safely say that is was NOT my fault! I had a very interesting one! Hee, they celebrate on the 24th and then on the 25th, they sleep until like 12... eat lunch... and then take a nap.... it was unbelievable! But it was ok! It was the hottest day of my life (pretty sure) it felt like 110º at least! and I'm only exaggerating by like 3º... it is pretty hot!!! Now it is hard to believe that Christmas was ever here.... but it was fun... We had permission on the 24th to stay out until 11:30 (because the tradition is to wait until 12 to eat) and we got to go to the Bishop's house and a recent convert's... we ate so much! Then we heard the fireworks from our beds at midnight... Our bishop is super young (like 31) and reminds me of Steve... I was thinking that he was at least a couple years older but then he told us he has been home from his mission for 10 years. I realized he is like the same age as Steve..... but he has gray hair....better watch out Steve!!!
I have news... we have changes tomorrow... I will be going to Juan de Salasa which is like 15 mins from here.... I will serve my mission within a 30 min block I swear, but I am excited.... I still don't know if I will be finishing a training or not, but either way I am excited! New adventure!!!
I love the people we meet here and the people who help us remember our purpose... There are moments of what?! but I'm so grateful that I'm here learning and gowing and becoming more like the person Christ needs me to be.... more like Him! I love teaching (even though I'm not perfect) and I love the people and I love Spanish (even though I am FAR from perfect), but I think my favorite is testifying of Christ! That He lives! That He loves us! That He died for us! and that it is through, and ONLY though Him, that we can be clean, absolutely clean, of our sins, and comforted in the hardest of times, and strengthened in our weakest moment! I know that through aplicatio of His sacrifice is the ONLY way we can have true happiness and peace and love now and for all eternity! I love the truths of the gospel!!!! Simple and gorgeous!!! There are so many churches... and they are good and some are almost right, but this is the ONLY church on the earth that is of HIM, that has the authority to make covenants with Him and that can help us return to Him and our Father!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! I pray that you are all well! and that this next year will be as good as the last! Well, or better!
Hna Lutz

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