Wednesday, January 15, 2014


13 January 2014

Well it's just a little hot!! Everyone here is freaking out because they said on the news that in the states (I don't know where because they don't know where... they only really know New York, California, and Utah... thank you missionaries....) that it is -50 ºC and people are dying and here it is like 45ºC and people are dying... I would rather die of cold for the record.... but I think you all know that... I'm told this will build my character... it better because if I just sweat 50 buckets a day and get skin cancer from the sun, I better have something good to show for it... right!!!! Please don't tell any of my old bosses about that last part.... I'm using sunscreen, I promise. The problem is it gets sweated off in 10 ish mins.... turns out waterproof doesn't mean Paraguay proof..... HUH!

Well I love my area and the people here! They are all hard workers and the people are really nice! We live off the chupachup and ice water of others...! (That is the first pic... chupachup... delish!  It was strawberry! :)
I really like it here... We don't really have many investigators that are progressing but we are finding interested and interesting people! Ha! Did you like that play on words?! I did!!! :) The second picture is we were helping a family of investigators... paint their house... like high ceilings house... but it was fun and we got really dirty! :)
The last picture is us being weird but it shows the weird bags of milk you were asking me about... just put that in a pitcher and pour away... :) I know it is weird to you... but it's life here!
Love you all so much!!!! Go play in the snow for me and enjoy this week and the gospel of Jesus Christ in your lives... because it really is an AMAZING gift!!! and go share it!!! :)
Love you!!!!!

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