Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Diciembre!!

2 Dec 2013

Well I hope that thanksgiving passed well... and I hope that there were few injuries. (I really can't believe I can be a Lutz and have my real front teeth... I must have Swainston teeth!!! ;))
This week was really hard... Paraguay is a little crazy, weather wise, right now so it is extremely hot like 105º-108º (NOT EXAGGERATING!) right before it rains... and it is like a sudden thing... and it is like a little chilly...Yesterday we were in a lesson and before the lesson is was hot and the lesson was like 10-ish mins (he only spoke Guarani so it was short) and afterwards, the storm came. All of the sudden, the rain and wind were really strong and you're soaked! It was kind of awesome and terrible at the same time because yesterday, we forgot out umbrellas! But luckily there was a tree close by... we waited for a little bit and ate fruit.... that were almost ready... To make Courtnie a little jealous, we totally have mangoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lots of other random fruit I'm learning to eat!!!
We had a really cool experience yesterday... We have an investigator whose 7 year old daughter died about 4 months ago... so she is going through some rough times. We weren't really sure how to help her to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. The other day, she told us that she will always miss her daughter but she won't always miss her sadly... but will miss her with the hope to join her someday! I don't know!!! I was like YES!!!! You understand! And she was almost happy this time!!! It was just really amazing!!!!
Loma is completely different and kind of hard, but I like it here! There is a lot of work to do, but we are excited and ready to do it! :)
We are so close to Christmas I can smell it... literally because here Christmas means coconut flowers which smell incredible!!! :)
Love you all so much!!!!
Your's truly! 
Hna Lutz

blind man playing polka

my new comp... isn't she pretty!!!!! :)

my new plaque!!! isn't it pretty!!!!! 

"yes your daughter is a dork and yes she has a plaque in guadani on!!! :)"

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