Monday, November 25, 2013


25 November 2013

Well this is kinda a big day!!!!!! Wanna know why?!?!? Because 1 year ago today I received my mission call!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that was a year ago!!!! How fast it all goes!!!!
Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone! and Happy birthday Holly!!! I hope that the two will be awesome and grand and someone will eat ice cream for me.... (I do eat plenty of ice cream on a regular basis but it is so hot I can't think of anything else I want... )
I hope that all is well there! I'm in Loma Pytà which is really close to Zebillos and is still in Asuncion. I'm in the same District as I was before just the next ward!
It is my turn to be the Madrasta (step mom) and well, I just feel really bad that I can't help more! I think that is the hardest thing... the poor girl only has 6 weeks in this area and is expected to remember everyone and where they live and what we have taught them.... AH! She is overwhelmed a little, but with time, it will get better. 
We had a Thanksgiving today as a Zone... It was a lot of really good food. Sometimes I'm impressed what some elders in Paraguay can whip up... but it was fun to cook and eat together! 
I am continually blown away with how some people are just down right ready to hear and accept this message... We continually meet people who say things and I am just like wait what?! There is one lady we met this week that said she was Catholic but we talked more and she said that her husband is but she doesn't believe in the church, only the bible. She teaches her kids from that. We taught her the restoration focusing on the apostasy (it is fairly new but it is awesome to have them understand that the apostasy happened so many times and after Christ it is logical for another prophet) and about Josè Smith and she was like, I've never heard anything like this. This is going to change our life... and we were like YEAH IT IS!!!!! Cause its true!!!! AH! 
Loma is a lot like Mariano (my 1st area) and tons nicer than Zebillos but also a ton bigger! Getting used to a big area is hard but it's all good! I love it here!
Here are some pictures of people in Zebillos.

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