Monday, November 18, 2013

Cambios (changes)‏

18 November 2013

Well, this week was a really good week. We have progressing investigators and my companion (who was convinced she is leaving this place) has been really excited to leave! One really cool story is that the mother of Sergio (the one that just got baptized) Paciana, came to church this week! She is sick and hasn't come for 2 weeks for a head ache or stomach ache (Sergio said she just didn't want to walk) and walked the whole way! It is like 20-ish blocks. (I can't remember miles, but it is like a 20-ish min walk for us. And we walk fast.) When she walked in the door both of our mouths fell open! She even came in time for half of Relief Society! Her kids don't like that she is coming and investigating, but she told them she likes it and it doesn't matter what they say she's gonna go! She is awesome! 
Also, we had 11 less active members come to church this week! 11! That is huge for us! We were so excited! It is incredible to watch people change whether it be for the first time or the second or third! :)
We got to go to the other area on Thursday morning (this is a big deal because tons of people in the ward ask us to go there to visit them, but it isn't our area...) and help a hna who is amazing! She is sick too, but she was telling us that sometimes people offer her a ride to church (like 30 mins for us to walk but she walks really slow) but she says sometimes she just has to walk if she can. It shows Heavenly Father that we are willing to sacrifice for the gospel! :) I'm blown away by how much these people will give for the Lord and His church! These are the modern pioneers of the church!
About changes...... Like I said, my comp is convinced she is leaving... was convinced! We now know different! She will train here in Zabillos and I am going to Loma Pytá, which is in our same district! My new companion is Hna Silva who is from Bolivia and has 6 weeks on the mission! I will move into the house there (I love having house mates!!!!!) with 3 Latinas!!! Pray I can communicate!!!! 
I'm happy and blessed to be part of this week.... OH BIGGEST PART OF THE WEEK!!!!! Elder Christofferson came for a conference for our mission and the other mission!!!!!!!! It was an INCREDIBLE conference!!! And it is always incredible to shake the hands of an Apostle of Christ and hug his wife! :)
The conference was amazing! I'm still processing it all! But a lot about us fulfilling the promises in the BOM by bringing this message to these people! Now when I read the Book of Mormon I picture Paraguay as the scene, not the jungle like I did before! It changes things when the River of Gideon is the Rio Paraguay! ;)
Love you all!!!
Hna Lutz

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