Tuesday, October 8, 2013

General Conference!‏

7 Oct 2013

Well I hope that you all enjoyed conference! I... mostly did. I couldn't watch it in English :/ and I don't care how much I understand (which isn't very much), it just is not the same listening to another person's voice... But I'm excited to get the Liahona and study the talks. It was a cool week end and I still felt the spirit really strong, so that is good! 
Saturday night we had a change of hour... so now we are 4 hours different then you guys. My companion thinks it is really weird because they don't change hours in Peru, but I'm just grateful our rooster now crows at the normal 6:30 and not at the 5:30 it was last week!
Today we had changes... drum roll please... We are not leaving. We will be together for 6 more weeks in Zabiolls... we have a lot to do here so it is all good! But we did go today and visited Mariano which was awesome! It was so good to see Miriam and her kids and Marian again. The husband of Miriam gets baptized this Saturday... That family is amazing! :)
We are working a lot, and everything is good. This area is hard, but we are finding people to teach and work with. :)
Thanks for your prayers and your love and support! It all helps! 
Also, really cool: We were in the church this last week for our ward night and the primary was practicing a song and it was "If the Savior Stood Beside Me"! And I was just like What!? It was in Spanish in Paraguay! It was really cool for me!
Love you all!!!
Hna Lutz

Sorry, this computer is a mess so I can't send pictures... but next week!!! 

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