Monday, October 14, 2013

a lot of conferences

14 October

Well, I hope everyone is good! I can't believe it is almost Halloween... which means almost snow in Colorado . . . JEALOUS! It just gets hotter and hotter here! We did get some nice rains this week, so our prayers are being answered. 
New people came in from the CCM this week and every time I see new ones, I'm just glad I will never have to do that again... How hard was that! They all are lost but so happy! 
Ok, the pictures are from our trip to Mariano... aren't they the CUTEST!!! Them holding the ducks is my favorite thing in the world!! They are adorbs! Their dad did not get baptized this week because he didn't want to do it without us, and we had a meeting so we are currently waiting for permission from the Pres. to go next week! Oh I hope we can! 
Things are all going good here! We were teaching this girl Magaly, whose family is all members (she is the granddaughter of the blind man who plays Paraguayan Polka on the harp), and she comes to church like every week. Her grandma doesn't want her to be baptized without her fathers permission and like most of Paraguay... the father has no contact with them... we will see what happens there. We are teaching another family (couple and brother) who need to get married, and well, they are interested but I think they are afraid. But the brother will be baptized soon. Also, another one who is the boyfriend of a member... who we talk a lot about going on a mission. we will see...
I am really happy that we have progressing investigators...
Random story to close... starting 3 weeks ago, every Friday we have a ward night and the missionaries do everything because... well we just do it all. So this Friday, we showed up with the wife of the couple we are teaching and her brother-in-law, and we were super excited about the activity. It starts at 7 and we get there at 7:10-ish and NO one is there. So, we figure Paraguayan Mormon standard time... they might come in a little while. Even the elders didn't show up because they had something really important to do... So we go to open it all up and we unlock the church and hear a beep beep beep of the alarm... and we are like crap... (so it is really normal for the buildings here to have alarms but this building, the alarm was "broken." They never used it, so we didn't even have the code.) what do we do! The alarm starts sounding and we tried calling the elders (we can't call anyone else because, since the 5th of this month (until the 15th), we have had no credit on our phone. So we can't call anyone but missionaries... ugh!) and them having this important thing to do took a min to call us back... Long story short, we set off the alarm like 4 times that night because the code then wasn't right. The members that live across the street, their daughter just ended up coming over and doing it for us... and than after all that, only one other girl showed up for the activity... so we just taught a short lesson and went home... We were a little upset that no one told us, but I don't think the investigators will ever forget their first time in the church! :)
Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!
Hna Lutz

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