Monday, September 30, 2013

When did this place become home?‏

30 September 2013

One thing that freaks me out on the mission is how fast a place can become home. I have begun to define home by a place where I have people who I love and who love me! So Zabillos is now home! It may not have as many people who I love as the states or Mariano but there are people I love here!
We had our first ward activity this week! (We are doing it once a week now.) We stressed about it for days and prepared and prepared and prepared and prayed and prayed and prayed and it went SO well! We were expecting about 10-15 people and we think about 30-40 came (which is really good for our little branch) and most of them live a walk from the church. It was awesome, and everybody had a really good time. A lot of people said they didn't come when the elders used to do it but now they will be coming every week! :) Gotta love sisters! ;) But even the elders are more excited about it (for the first one, they said they would come but they wouldn't help plan... they came up with the idea for this week... progress! :)) We are excited to have a night where the ward can become more unified.
2 days following our ward night SUCCESS, we had 118 people come to church! 118! Last week it was 82! We almost increased it by 40 people! We were really blown away! So everything is getting better here!!! :)
Love you all! And pray for you a lot!!! 
Hna Lutz

The pictures that are attached:
#1 Is a sewing machine that I think is beautiful! My comp is having a dress made by a lady (not a member) and she makes beautiful clothes... but this is her machine.. her lively hood. I think it is beautiful and antique and really cool... She thought I was crazy when I asked if I could take a picture of it! :) 
#2 A really bad pic, but I want you to see how long my hair has gotten!! I want it to be long again... by Christmas... we will see! I think it likes the humidity! :) Also that orange look really just means I'm Crazy tan! ;)

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