Monday, September 16, 2013

Zavellos Cué‏

16 September 2013

Hola! So in case you are wondering... yes I believe I spelled the name of my area completely wrong but this is right... pretty sure. :)
Well let's see. These pictures are long over due. The first one is of our new house. Our kitchen... before we had a fridge, so that is why there is food all over the counter. The second is of the baptism of Abigail Ferreita! These are the Ferreita kids and I can't see well but I think they are with their Grandma. Cute! The last one is of my companion at our desks. We hadn't really moved in so it was a mess (don't ask how it is now...) Aren't our blue shutters cute?! Our house is really kind of cute for being an old elders house. The houses here are just all perfectly, rustically cute :)
Ok this week hasn't been very eventful. We did find one family I don't think I told you about. We have so far met the mom and two grown daughters but I know there are more. They are very interested so hopefully we can get that interest to turn into belief. I love the rain and cold (it is supposed to be this way all week!!!) but it makes it so NO one comes to church. Hard! But next week. They are the cousins to a recent convert. We have now randomly contacted this family and his grandma.
We have another recent convert that we are teaching the lessons to who is like 9 and all his family are members and they live with their grandparents who are members and his grandpa is blind and plays the harp REALLY well! It is awesome to watch and listen to. He is so good. I never thought I could enjoy Paraguayan polka, but on the harp it is pretty sweet! :) I will take a video and he will become a YouTube legend :)
I think that is all for this week. I'm kind of excited today because after this we are going to get a pedicure from a less active member. WHOOT! Maybe now my feet won't look so nasty!
And now I'm rambling. Well until next week folks... 
Hna. Lutz

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