Monday, September 23, 2013

23 September 2013

23 September 2013

Well for one, Congrats to Steve and Meg! I'm kind of sad I have to wait another week to find out if it is a boy or girl but I'm so happy for you!!!! And excited for another niece or nephew! I don't think I know how to spell that. But Igual no mas. I'm really excited! :) This week was really good. It was cold (like rainy and 50-ish degrees) which usually lowers the attendance in the church but it didn't. Our branch is small but it is exciting when people you have been working with come even when it is a cold day here. :) Yesterday was good! We got some exciting news... Fredy (the husband of Miriam who hasn't been able to go to church due to his job) went to church yesterday. We were a little sad we weren't there but SO happy and excited for them!!!! That family is so special! It was very good news... maybe I'll still be in Paraguay when they go to the temple and be sealed (all 6 of them) for time and all eternity! :) We shall see!
 My new area is like right on the river. We actually went to a menos activo's house this week and were distracted like 3 times because they are like a half mile from the river and massive boats drive past so close! You know the picture you have of Paraguay in your mind... well Mariano didn't really look like that, but Zabillos does. Like, houses made out of anything and bathrooms that are just wood planks and a shower head. It is very different. But our house is nice. We can get to church in like 5 mins... we are really close. Yesterday we were "late" so we ran there and we got there in 2.5 mins. I say "late" because the meeting didn't start for another 15 mins. Paraguay fits well for my laid back timing, and I fear I will never be on time again. Our area is small - like 20 mins from our house on one end to the other end. But we take buses a lot. It is just so easy because they take you right where you need to be. I am happy to report that there are just as many cows, chickens, gienas (which I don't think we have in the states but it is just like a littler chicken), dogs, cats, frogs (MASSIVE FROGS like bigger than dads hands), and the likes. I haven't seen goats or sheep yet here, but they have pigs too. We actually have a dog, cat, cows, and chickens in our house... or the land next to us does, but they are the owner of the house's. We've got to get ready for Christmas. :)
I feel like my letters all say the same thing so if you have questions or want to know anything let me know. I like answering questions! :)
Love you all SO MUCH!!!!

Warning: If you have a weak stomach (mom) or are sick don't look at the picture attached .. I'll give 2000 GS (about 50 cents) to anyone who can guess what it is... :) 

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