Monday, August 12, 2013

the roaches...‏

12 August 2013

Well this week we had a baptism of Bianca... LINDISIMO but i don't have pictures... stayed tuned...
Bianca is 14 and her brother has been the only member in their family for 5 years and he got to baptize her! I've never seen a bigger smile! It was an incredible day!
About the roaches... if you have a weak stomach stop reading now! We went a little Permitherin crazy this week and killed a den of cockroaches... pics to come!... the latest count was like 50... :)
I am continued to be amazed at how many people are ready to hear us. Whether it is a young family or a 14 year old boy who lost his mom a month ago, these people are ready for this!!! I'm just here to be the mouth piece! :)
Love you all!!!
Hna. Lutz

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