Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mirian's Baptism

5 August 2013

Because that is what this week was all about! We teach other lessons but when we have a baptism it is hard to do much else! But still! I'm very happy for her!!! She is awesome! She is one of those people who is pretty much a Mormon so she didn't have many doubts. She was very excited but kept telling us she wasn't going to do it if the water was cold... it was but she said it was ok! :) I'm SO happy for her and wish I could be here to watch her husband accept it and watch her 7 year old daughter get baptized in November. 
This week we celebrated 100 Days on the mission! with chocolate and cookies because we didn't have much money but it was fun.
Also the random cow picture is because I saw a herd of 8 cows in the road!!! 8!!! That is outside of a members house! The cows here are so random! 
I am happy and healthy! The weeks are unpredictable but amazing! 
One cool story... our housemates had a baptism yesterday! This girl is incredible. The missionaries taught her dad for about one week when she was 12 but it was only like once. They did however leave her the Book of Mormon. She lives by another part member family and the sisters were early for a lesson and clapped her house. She had never been to church but had been reading the Book of Mormon since she was 12 (she is 20, I think) and knew it was true. She had a really strong testimony of it already, she just had to gain one about the church. I just think that story is amazing. Most members don't even read the Book of Mormon at 12 but here is a girl that doesn't know much about the church but read and applied the book all through her youth and she knows it is true! :)
The book of Mormon is amazing!
Love you all
Hna. Lutz

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