Monday, August 19, 2013

19 August 2013 + Pictures

19 August 2013

I promise this letter has pictures... sorry about forgetting for awhile. We are really giddy this week because after I write you guys, we are going to the Rio Paraguay! :) So hopefully pictures of that next week! :) 
This week... Well, one cool thing is I finished my training! I am one week off... I don't know how it happened but this was my last week of training! Goods and bads come with that... One for example is I still can't speak Spanish. It is a good thing this is not a states mission or I would have to train someone soon... I'm not ready for that! 
Transfers are coming up which just really scares me... I will go where I need to, but this place is now home so it will be hard. I sit at church with Bianca on one side of me and Mirian and her kids on the other side and I don't know when but these people who think I look and talk weird... Somehow this is where I belong. And I like it :)
At church this week we had this guy who served his mission here 25 years ago come with his whole family to church. I just think that would be really cool to come back in 25 years. :)
I wish I could tell you cool investigator stories or anything but we didn't really have any this week. We did learn how to work with menos activos in our zone conference which was amazing and made me want to go teach all of them! :) Of course there are a ton, so maybe one at a time. He taught us out of Alma 5. 
We are working hard in the HOT Paraguay sun and we are happy and a little sun burnt. :) If you think my shoe tan was good before you should see it now! The sun is SO hot!!! Every time me and Hna. Cowger say this, everyone just smiles and says just wait! :) I'm gonna die! But for now all is good!!!
Hna. Lutz

Lots and lots of cockroaches.

Julio and Bianca

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