Monday, July 29, 2013

Yea For P-Day...!‏

29 July 2013

This week was good. We really just did the same thing everyday this week. We did have interviews with the pres. and that was really good! I have so much to work on. Like, my Spanish for starters... because it isn't very good. But I understand people... that has to count for something!
We found out this week that there are 1300 people in our ward and our attendance was 130 this week... which is a good week... for winter (it's because it was only like 77... cold right ;)... AH!) So we have SO much work to do with the inactive people... we need to find them too! Oh Paraguay! 
I seriously love this place!!! For one thing I have a tan line... Picture attached! It is in the middle of winter! and yes my toenails are ugs! Don't look!!!
Well, Holly requested pictures of "scenery" so here you go... One is a cow on the cobble stone streets... that is literally taken from our porch. Cows think they own this place! Another one is "road construction"... if you can even call it that. Utah has nothing on this place. Their roads are always under construction! I'm not convinced it makes it any better... I could be wrong!
The other is a horse and buggy on a normal road... I don't know if the picture shows it well but it is a plaza in the other sisters' area and it is like a main main street of Mariano... At least this one is an old man driving... It scares me when they are young children... Also it scares me when we see 2 parents and 3 young kids on a motorcycle or like a car busting at the seams with kids and the driver is holding one... I'm not a paranoid person but driving is just really different here! 
Mirian is getting baptized on Saturday! We are very excited for her! Her and her kids just love the church and she always tells us what a blessing it is to have the Book of Mormon and Bible in her home! Now if we could only get the inactive members to feel that way... We just have a lot of work to do!!!
:) I'm happy and doing well! I hope you guys are, as well!!! I love you all!!! And I'm grateful to be here doing the Lord's work! 
Hna. Lutz

Sorry these are blurry . . . I had to crop them from the file because they didn't load all the way.

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