Monday, July 1, 2013

Taking Paraguay by one big ridiculous storm

1 June 2013

Anyhow... few things. One, I think I love the birds here. Macie would too! They are gorgeous!!!! And I saw a humming bird... tots cool!
Food wise I really just miss ice cream... I seriously think I found my place on this earth! I LOVE THE FOOD! I had pizza on Saturday! Best thing ever, although nothing like American... :) Also, other weird things I've eaten: chicken heart which was really good (Hna. Cowger thinks it is so impractical cause you have to kill a ton to get one meal) and igado which is a cow liver... that one tasted different but still not throw up worthy. We really just eat lunch with families and breakfast and dinner is cereal... yes, even in Paraguay! :)
Our plans for the forth are really exciting! We are going to make a cake and sing Happy Birthday America!!! :) Pictures to come! 
Kinda ticked that everyone mentioned this wedding that I haven't seen any pictures of... can we fix that? 
Like mom mentioned I feel like a fisher of men! There are people so ready everywhere! I think we have about 10 investigators and one baptism this Saturday! It is the sister to Mariam so pictures of that to come as well! 
I love every min here! I think I have an unnatural ability to be happy cause I'm just happy all the time!
Smiling away!!!
Love you guys!!!
Hna. Lutz

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